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Posted by Marcin M - - 8 comments

Last summer I visited my friend in Lviv, Ukraine. I've noticed his new collection of many small, colorful things... Yes, it was his fruit stickers collection!

Since he has a lot of interesting for me things, I've also started collecting stckers, just to have some for exchange :).

And here they are!

Fruit stickers collection: Karamelo, Sechi, Sonnen Suss, FruitAltea, Sechara, UTC, Ripoll, Sunflavour, Luco, Snack Bananas, Golden Delicious (3x), Incaland Farmer

Fruit stickers collection:  Zespri, classic Chiquita, Bonita, QDF, O, Don Limon, Cobana, Don Mario, Costa Sol, Consul, Citronex, Florida, LaCaseta, Cherie

Fruit stickers collection:  Friol, Citely, Mangoes, Solete, Tuttofrutto, Salvetti, Si Senor, Amigo, Jaffa, Wielka Orkiestra Switecznej Pomocy (Polish charity sticker), Citronex, Hellenic Citrus, La Paz, Fino Fruits, Domaine des Preaux, Bello, Banaking, Wanita, Copal

Fruit stickers collection:  Aksun, Persimon, Juibilo, Mangola, Sarilar, Coopval, Sin, Batman, Picasol, Mary, Natur, Golden B

Fruit stickers collection:  Chiquita Rainforest Alliance, Madremia, Citronex, Banandes, Toppins, Coagri, Altun, Semt, La Cana, Jaffa, Hasat, Jaffa Sweetie

Fruit stickers collection:  Oro Bonito, Fyffes, Bouquet, Del Monte, Mehadrin, Gala, Defry, Beautiful, Frutiboni, Porto Fruit, Balakanakis

8 Responses so far.

  1. zan trost says:


    I´m Žan Trošt. I come from Slovenia.

    I am a fruit stickers collector who have been collecting stickers for more that 6 years. Now I have about 7000 stickers in my collection. I collect all kinds of fruit and vegetables stickers.

    I want to exchange my fruit stickers with someone. Is it possible that we can exchange some fruit or vegetables stickers?
    Best regards,

  2. Marcin M says:

    Thank you for response :).

    I've just sent you mail with some questions, I'll be happy to exchange some stickers!

    I'm glad to meet you,

  3. I have this fruit labels for trade:
    But I only collect used stamps
    Do you have used stamps for trade 1 x 1 by my fruit labels?
    Best regards

  4. To: Marc Ramon
    i can exchange to stamps 1:1, blackgod19@gmail.com

  5. gzb_777@hotmail.com
    Colecciono etiquetas de banano... dime si estas interesado en hacer negocio?


    PLEASE CONTACT ME, syjaved@gmail.com

  7. I am collect banana labels (https://fotki.yandex.ru/users/elik29elik/album/222530/) My e-mail: elik29elik@yandex.ru

  8. Unknown says:


    I am Istvan Farkas,fruit stickers collector from Hungary.
    I would like to trade with you,if it possible.
    My duplicates:

    Best regards,Istvan

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