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Posted by Marcin M - - 0 comments

My friend Mike asked me yesterday to upload more of TS tcg cards, so I've got nothing else to do, than make him happy. Tomorrow I'll upload last pack of cards...


The Simpsons tcg cards: Maggie ver. b, ver. c, Marge (all three versions), Martin Prince, Mayor Quimby, Millhouse, Moe

The Simpsons tcg cards: Mojo, Mr. Teeny, Helen Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, Nelson, Number One, Officer Lou, Otto Mann, Patty

The Simpsons tcg cards: Poochie, Skinner, Professor Frink, Rainer Wolfcastle, Ralph, Reverend Lovejoy, Rod & Todd Flanders, Santa's Little Helper, Selma

The Simpsons tcg cards: Sherri & Terri, Sideshow Bob, Sideshow Mel, Smithers, Snake, Sbowball II, Squeaky-voiced Teen, Stampy, Chalmers

The Simpsons tcg cards: Uter, Wendell, and some scenes: the couch, Bart's treehouse...

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