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It's just a time for second part of corks collection. Today: Champagne, Cremant de Bourgogne, some Ukrainian Sparkling Wines and... Breton Cider :). Enjoy!

Bollinger Champagne

Champagne made by regional Cooperative de Manipulation (Co-op)

Champagne Cork made by Ganau S.P.A.

Champagne Lanoon

Moet et Chandon Champagne

Pommery Champagne 1987

Pommery Champagne (unknown year)

Champagne Ruinart

T.B. Champagne 1990

Cremant de Bourgogne 'Suber-Tap'

Blanquette Gardie de Limoux 'SBM'

Henkell & Co. Sparkling Wine cork

Artyomovsk (Artemovsk - Ukraine, Donbas) Winery Sparkling Wine cork

Artyomovsk  Winery Krimsekt Sparkling Wine cork (another Soviet/Ukrainian great 'Champagne')

No-name, Champagne-alike corks... It's Cidre Breton (Cider) corks - Loic Raison & Ecusson

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