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Do you have any collecion related to your childhood? I hve. I think every one of us has one...

My childhood-related collection is stationery / papeteria. In mid-nineties in Poland everything, what had US-related logo on it was a real treasure. Yeh, just after communism died we were short of everyhing...

Here you have 33 of my sheets with NBA players, all printed about 1995 (I'm sorry for the blurry photos, i still haven't leadned how to use my camera properly):

John Stockton (A5), our hero (with Karl Malone and Jeff Hornacek).

Scottie Pippen (A5)

Shaquille O'Neal (A5)

Michael Jordan (A5)

Dennis Rodman and Magic Johnson (A5)

Charles Barkley (A6)
Karl Malone (A6)
Michael Jordan (A6)
Michael Jordan (A6)
Penny Hardaway (A6)
Reggie Miller (A6)
Shaquille O'Neal (A6)
Three players (A6)
John Stockton (A6)
Bob Sura (A6)
Chris Webber (A6)
Dana Barros (A6)
Derrick McKey (A6)
Donyell Marshall (A6)
Gary Trent (A6)
Jeff Hornacek (A6)
Jim Jackson (A6)
Nate McMillan (A6)
Ron Seikaly (A6)
Shawn Respert (A6)
Sherman Douglas (A6)
Tom Gugliotta (A6)
Tony Dumas (A6)
Tyrone Hill (A6)
Tyus Edney (A6)
Walt Williams (A6)

Michael Jordan (A5)

Scottie Pippen (A6)

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