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Posted by Marcin M - - 0 comments

Another mini-collection for swap. I have some tickets and museum maps/programmes from Paris. I've been there for 2012 new year's cellebration with my gf  :).

I don;t collect those things, so feel free to ask if you want them.

Here you have hi-res photos uploaded:


Musee de l'Armee Paris - 2 pcs

Musee du Quai Branly - one unused, one free (museum worth reccomendation!)

Two tickets for 2nd floor of Eiffel Tower by lift, one full, one with redution

Two tickets for museum Cluny (medieval arts), one full, one free

Two tickets for Pantheon (one full, one free, both the same image on front side)

Two tickets for Centre Pompidou (my favourite!), one full, one free - unused.

Two tickets for Basilique du Sacre-Coeur caves. One full, one reduced price.

Two tickets for exposition Jameel Prize in Institut of Arab World (one full, one reduced proce)

Old ticket for exhibition in Paris Mint

Two tickets for Louvre, one full, one free.

Full ticket for Musse d'Orsay - they don't print free tickets :(

Two catalogues from Institut of Arab World (back and front)

Two catalogues and flyer from Jameel Prize exhibition (IoAW)

Flyers for childern and map from Musee Quai Branly.

Two visitor's guides from Musse Cluny (back and front)

Polish-language flyer from Panteon and flyer from Musee de l'Armee (Palais des Invalides).

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