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Posted by Marcin M - - 0 comments

Another chunk of my album - 35 beer caps, mostly German-type of beer :). Some are Austrian, some rather British are from USA (Summit)...

If you are interested in my caps - feel free to comment!

So, here they are:

Rostocker Premium (Germany) beer caps: Export, Bock Hell, BOck Dunkel, Pilsener, Lemon

Burgbier (German or Austrian?)  beer caps: Schwarzes, Export, Diat Pils, Bock, Radler

Bit - Bitburger (Germany) beer caps: Premium pils (two types), Drive, Copa, Sun

BrauStolz (Germany) beer caps: Bauerei, Spezial, Landbier, Pils, Lager

Stiegl (Austria) beer caps:  Goldbrau, Pils, Leicht, Bock, Herbst-Gold
Summit (U.S.A. Minnesota) beer caps: Bohemian Style Pilsener, Winter Ale, India Pale Ale, Hefe Weizen, Maibock

Weihenstephaner (Germany) beer caps: Korbinian, Dark Wheat, Non-Acoholic Wheat, Light Wheat, Original 

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