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Posted by Marcin M - - 3 comments

Grand Cru and Premier Cru wine corks are usually easy to indetify by inscriptions. But many good wines have corks with 'mis en buteille au chateau / dans nos caves / a la propriete' written on it. Some of them are really nice, ornamented and decorative.

Toady I've prepared some photos of them.


If you wish to ask about something, i'll be gald to answer your comments :).

Grape and leaf - 24 86 & 25 (two pieces)

Wine glass, spray of grape and leaf - AC C2 41-11 and A12 68793 W-100 (two pieces)

spray of grape and leaf - 6 41

leaf - grape - leaf on branch - 00

harvests - 065

leaf and grape - A in circle - PSB A5B 266

Grandi vini italiani - AG signs 53349

Mis en Bouteille en Alsace - crown and 'coat of arms' decorative motif

Chateau design - 51 19 8

Mis en bouteille a la properiete - wine glass, leaf and grape - S 09 6 
Mis en bouteille dans la region de production - uneidentyfied Coat of Arms - 8 4 18

Chateau design - Mis en Bouteille au Chateau - DF

Mis en Bouteille a la Propriete - with decoratice branch, leafs and grapes (synthetic cork)

Harvester - DF - F69-64 - 05 D 46

Map of South America with Argentina merked - Envasado en origen - 02-06-04 (synthetic cork)

V&B marks on 5 staves, triangle in circle

3 Responses so far.

  1. Unknown says:

    can these marks be done by hand?

  2. peat says:

    what wine bottle did the 2nd last one come from

  3. darkston says:

    Hi could You tell me in with wine did You find a Map of South America with Argentina cork ?

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