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Posted by Marcin M - - 0 comments

Who don't like cinema?
I like. I like movie posters also. But they are difficult to store properly in one place.

There is hope for me :). In almost every movie theater you can find flyers, which are usually miniaturised versions of posters. Me, and some of my friends, we are collecting them since 2006th.

Today I prepared some pictures from my collection:

Asterix et les Vikings (... and Vikings), Asterix i wikingowie

Superman returns & Batman begins (Superman - powrót, Batman - początek)

flyer / postcard of Cars movie (Auta)

another flyer / postcard of Cars movie (Auta)

Dear Wendy & Children of men (Moja droga Wendy, Ludzkie dzieci)

Exils & You, me and Dupree (Ja, Ty i On)

Flushed away & Ask the dusk (Wpuszczony w kanał, Pytając o miłość)

Hoodwinked (Czerwony kapturek - prawdziwa historia)

Hoodwinked (Czerwony kapturek - prawdziwa historia)

La Marche de l'Empereur & Lucky Luke (Marsz pingwinów, Lucky Luke)

Razem & Ławeczka (two polish movies)

Ryś (polish comedy) flyers / postcards

Ryś (polish comedy) flyers / postcards

The wicker man & Derailed (Kult, Wykolejony)

Wedding Crashers & Banditas (Polowanie na druchny, Sexi Pistols)

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