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France is one of the most common destinations of workforce migration in europe. European Union makes it even easier, so many peapole from around the world leave their families and try to work for better future.

It makes possibility for many business, so telephone comanies merged and proposed their own pre-paid cards systems to make mantaining contacts with homeland cheaper.

There are hundreds of issues and modifications to collect. Today you'll see first 28 of them :). Enjoy!

pre-paids to South American countries, Poland, and two international with Renault ads

Prepaids to Poland, India, and two (15 and 7,5 euros) to countries of equitorial Africa

4 mods of prepaid to India: 50 French Francs, 7,62 Euros, 100 FF, and 50 FF

Mega Africa, Far East, Eastern European and Middle-Eastern prepaids

Prepaids to African countries

Two international, and two Indian prepaids

Prepaids to Africa, Colombia, Middle East and another version of prepaid to Poland

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