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Posted by Marcin M - - 0 comments

In late nineties, in Poland, there was a brewery in almost every big city. In mine too. It was Łańcut Brewery (Browar).

I usually don't care about historical labels and collect contemporary only, but since my hometown brewery was closed in mid-nineties those have some sentimental value for me:

Pałacowe (Palace's) & '11' - one with 'pasteurised' notation

Mocne (Strong)

Łańcuckie & Zamkowe (Castle's)

Łańcut Pils & '11 Pałacowe'

Podkarpackie (Subcarpathian) - pasteurised, luxury, un-pasteurised

Podkarpackie 14% 

'14' was the most popular beer in town.

'16' & '12'

Porter & Zamkowe (Castle's) - both dark beers

Zamkowe Extra & Export Special - 'etykieta zastępcza' - this stamp means 'substitute label',
when communism ended we were short of everything, even beer labels...

Piwo Jasne Pełne - just Full Light Beer :)

Two dark (carmel) & two light beer labels

Top right - special export unpasteurised beer,
4 labels of full light beers
strong dark porter - left bottom

'11' & two versions of 'special' full light

Full Light & Special Export - both un-pasteurised

late & mid-nineties '11'

un-pasteurised & pasteurised '12'

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